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Anjos Loft

The acquisition of the space by a couple of film directors had the assumption of transforming a former factory into a place of artistic creation, exhibition and temporary residence. The intervention created a working area on the left nave and a more private area, of residential nature, on the right nave. Close to the right wall of the Loft, a new steel staircase giving access to the mezzanine was designed and in its extension a kitchen open to the whole space. On the ground-floor, two bathrooms were also created, one to support the living-room and another one to support the garage/exhibition areas. On the 1st floor a sound studio is installed in the working area, and a bathroom on the mezzanine. These two new compartments, have a translucent glass wall each, thus allowing the passage of light. A velvet curtain separates the sleeping room from the rest of the area. The original properties of the industrial environment were recovered, with the necessary adaptations in order not to compromise the comfort of living. The existing plastered walls, were picked to the bone in order to expose the solid brick or stone that constitutes it and painted white afterwards. On the floor, the screed was redone, flattered and varnished. The iron elements such as balustrades, stairs, doors, tensioners (structure) and the new fireplace were endorsed and recovered, painted in black or white, thus regaining its major role in the space.

Work completed


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